ICHR calls for full criminal investigation in the killing of Abu Zayed and to publish the results


ICHR calls for full criminal investigation

in the killing of Abu Zayed and to publish the results

The Independent Commission for Human Rights seriously considers the killing of Hassan Muhammad Abu Zayed (27 years old) from the Sha`af area, north of the Shujaiya neighborhood in the Gaza governorate. ICHR demands for opening of a criminal investigation into the incident, especially as the initial autopsy results provided to the commission are inconsistent with the narrative of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza.

According to ICHR’s follow-ups, on 7/23/2021 at approximately 11:50 pm, the body of Abu Zayed arrived at Al-Shifa Medical Complex. According to what his relatives said, two of his friends accompanied him in a black car, while they were passing through a checkpoint by the  Field Control on Al-Jarow Street in Al-Qurm area, near Al-Hussein Mosque, east of Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood. The car was shot at, which led to the injury of Hassan Abu Zayed with one gunshot. He was sitting in the back seat and his friends helped him. They took him to Al-Shifa Medical Complex and then turned themselves to the Tuffah and Daraj police station.

Immediately after the announcement of the death, the commission followed up and met the family of the deceased, contacted the Public Prosecution Office in Gaza, and took statements from the families of Osama Ziyad Abu Aser and Nasser Shaher Aleiwa, who are detained by the Al-Tuffah and Al-Daraj police, according to ICHR’s information.

ICHR assigned a private doctor who attended the autopsy, with the approval and delegation of the family, and with the approval of the Public Prosecution. According to the initial report of the ICHR doctor, there is a bullet entry from the lower abdomen near the pubis, with exit from the back, with a rupture in the lower intestine. There is a rupture in the main artery branching from the aorta, feeding the lower right extremity, indicating that the cause of death was acute hemorrhagic shock due to severe bleeding from the iliac artery.

Based on the foregoing, the Commission finds that there is inconsistency between the doctor’s report and the narrative of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza. The statement, issued on the evening of Friday 23/7/2021, by the Ministry of Interior said, a speeding vehicle entered one of the checkpoints of the “Huma Al-Thoghour” forces in the eastern border area of ​​Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east Gaza City, and the checkpoint personnel noticed a suspicious movement of the vehicle. Therefore, they signaled to its driver to stop, but he refused and continued moving at a high speed. Two shots were fired at the vehicle, but it did not stop, and fled. It turned out that a person in the car was injured, before succumbing to his injuries later on at the Al-Shifa Hospital, while two other people who were in the vehicle were detained.

Accordingly, ICHR calls on the Public Prosecution Office in the Gaza Strip to open a comprehensive criminal investigation, and to publish the results of the investigation into the circumstances of the death of Abu Zaid, and to enable ICHR to visit the two detained citizens, Abu Aser and Aliwa, especially as they are the main witnesses of the incident.

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