Awareness, Training and Community Advocacy Department
Public Awareness and Advocacy
26 August 2021

ICHR promotes the culture of human rights in Palestine and empowers the Palestinian citizens of their basic rights and mechanism of claiming them. ICHR awareness activities target all citizens in general and in particular university students, journalists, workers in CSOs, and youth. ICHR’s public awareness is conducted through sending awareness messages through traditional media tools and social media, or open awareness meetings, specialized seminars, and scientific conferences. In addition to the public meetings organized to address the concerns and issues of citizens, which approved their effectiveness in addressing local violations, benefiting from the ICHR’s distinguished position between the state and the citizen.

ICHR also launches awareness campaigns in conjunction with international human rights events, including (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 16 days campaign to end violence against women, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, World Health Day, Women's Day, International Day for Persons with Disabilities). These campaigns aim to raise awareness of rights holders and duty holders about the topics these days and are usually accompanied by promotional materials (written materials, videos, infographics)