Complaint within ICHR's mandate

Complaints that are within ICHR’s mandate:

  1. Arrest and detention without due process.
  2. Torture and ill-treatment while in custody.
  3. Death inside prisons and detention centers.
  4. Delays in the submission of a detained person to trial or in charging them.
  5. Preventing family visits to the detainee.
  6. Recruitment and employment issues without legal and formal procedures or the principle of fairness is not respected.
  7. Inspections without legal warrants.
  8. Inadequate hiring circumstances or dismissal from public office.
  9. Forced\early retirement.
  10. The failure by the executive authority to provide services such as the right to education, housing, health, and unjustified delay in bureaucratic procedures.
  11. Discrimination based on grounds such as race, religion, sexuality, or political affiliation.
  12. Violations resulting from the abuse of public office and power.
  13. Failure to provide the individual with proper information regarding court procedures and rulings.
  14. Non-compliance with decisions made with the law.
  15. Property damage of the citizens by authorities.
  16. Violations of the right to life as a result of the use of force or negligence.
  17. The failure of the services to hold law violators accountable.
  18. Discrimination in treatment and\or service provision to people with disabilities.
  19. Failure of provision of quality services to people with disabilities in accordance with the law.
  20. Improper attitudes and behaviors of civil servants against people with disabilities.
  21. Violations of rights stipulated in Palestinian laws, international treaties on human rights