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The Independent Commission for Human Rights Holds Training Course for General Intelligence Personnel
14 November 2018
The Independent Commission for Human Rights Holds Training Course for General Intelligence Personnel

Ramallah \ ICHR launched today a training course  titled (Promoting the Concepts of Monitoring and Accountability of the Officers and Affiliates of the General Intelligence Agency), targeting 18 persons of the staff of the Monitoring and Inspection Departments as well as the Legal Department of the different branches of the General Intelligence in the West Bank Governorates.

Dr. Ammar Dwek, General Director of ICHR, and  Azzam Arar, General Director of the Department of Inspection of the General Intelligence, opened the first session of the training course.

Dwek confirmed that the years – long relationship between ICHR and the General Intelligence has been based on partnership with a view to safeguard the rights of the Palestinian citizens. He expressed his appreciation  to the  Head of the General Intelligence and its personnel for their permanent cooperation concerning the cases and complaints ICHR endeavors to find a solution for in cooperation with the General Intelligence.


He clarified that ICHR  has international full accreditation as a national institution through the International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (ICC) and that it participated in the interventions of the World Human Rights Council about extrajudicial killings carried out by Israeli occupation soldiers against the Palestinians. This can be considered as recognition by the United Nations of the State of Palestine since ICHR acts professionally and independently without any interference by State’s institutions in its work.


Colonel Arar thanked ICHR for its role in promoting human rights and developing the capacities of law enforcement bodies and security services personnel, emphasizing integrity of relationship and performance since this training course fits the nature of the work of the Monitoring and Inspection Departments as well as Legal Department of the General Intelligence. He pointed out that such training course serves the vision of the General Intelligence to become a modern effective institution that promotes the principle of accountability and reform.


Concerning the objective of the 18-hour  training course that lasts for three days, Islam Tamimi, Director of Lobbying, Advocacy and Training Department, said that it is aimed to promote the monitoring and accountability system as well as human rights guarantees in light of the national legislations and international standards.

He explained that it shall address public rights and freedoms, the relationship between security and human rights, legal conduct of law enforcement bodies from human rights perspective, monitoring and accountability and its relationship with promoting human rights in addition to oversight over security agencies and the role of ICHR.


It shall also focus on monitoring human rights violations, oversight on CRCs in line with international standards and national laws, military judiciary monitoring of the security institution, the role of Anti-Corruption Commission  in monitoring the performance of the security agencies, child rights guarantees in line with the new Juvenile Protection Act, human rights guarantees under  Anti-Money Laundering and Terror Financing Law and  internal audit of the security agencies.


The training is performed by specialists from ICHR. Shams Center, Military Judiciary Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Family Protection Police Unit, Economic Crime Prosecution and the General Intelligence Agency.