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ICHR Demands to Halt Extra-Judicial Killings and Attacks on Citizens in the Gaza Strip
14 November 2018

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) expresses its deep concern following verified information documented by its Gaza Program on attacks committed against citizens in the Gaza Strip. ICHR demands that the deposed government in the Gaza Strip put an end to extra-judicial killings and assaults against citizens and their personal freedoms.ICHR also urges the deposed government to investigate these attacks and take expedite measures to prosecute perpetrators.

According to ICHR‘s documentation, a number of citizens have been extra-judicially killed during and after the Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip. Fire was opened on affected citizens at a close distance. In addition, individuals in official uniform or masked persons opened fire on people’s legs, severely beat others, imposed house arrests, and threatened to punish citizens along with their family members if they would not comply.

These transgressions have been perpetrated at a time when the Palestinian people are attempting to recover from deep wounds resulting from the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, during which a large number of citizens were killed and public properties and security headquarters destroyed. Indeed, effects of the Israeli belligerent offensive are still evident. The reported violations have also taken place at a time when collective efforts are being made to monitor and document Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as to prosecute Israeli political leaders and military commanders before the judiciary. ICHR views the reported atrocities with deep concern. Whether committed for the sake of settling personal disputes or not, these assaults are a manifestation of chaos in matters of security and taking the law into one’s own hands.

Against this background, ICHR demands that:

  1. Immediate measures be taken to put an end to extra-judicial killings and assailment on citizens.
  2. An investigation be launched into all incidents of extra-judicial killings and assaults against citizens in the Gaza Strip. Offenders should be duly prosecuted and held accountable in accordance with the law.
  3. Rights of Palestinian citizens be safeguarded and the rule of law established and promoted.
  4. The deposed government bear its assigned responsibility of providing security and safety to citizens.