2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020-2022


The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) is pleased to present its three-year strategic plan (2020-2022). The Strategic Plan (SP) was developed in cooperation with the Danish Institute for Human Rights since May 2019 and through the joint efforts of ICHR staff. ICHR has decided to build its SP on the Key Result Areas (KRAs) of its core functions for the protection and promotion of human rights in Palestine. KRAs include all functions performed by ICHR’s Departments, Units and Region Offices. This has made it easier to respond to ad hoc and unpredicted events that often occur in Palestine and further complicated by the multiple duty bearers.


As KRAs are very broad due to the huge mandate that ICHR takes on, setting specified themes for each year in the strategic period is a necessity. The themes of 2020 will include the right to health, rule of law, occupational safety, in addition to societal violence including violence in schools, violence against juvenile, women, persons with disabilities and people with different sexual orientations. Furthermore, in response to the external evaluation recommendations, an overall focus will be put on the cultural, social and economic rights, and efforts will be made to balance its activities and initiatives between civil and political rights on the one hand, and economic, social and cultural rights on the other.


Key Result Area 1: Protection, redress and the justice system

Under the overall objective of strengthening the protection of human rights through redress and the justice system, ICHR will:

  • Strengthen the complaint handling functions
  • Upgrade expertise, methods and strategies in inspection of detention facilities
  • Coordinate a clear division of labor among ICHR, the state and civil society’s complaint handling bodies
  • Lead initiatives to change to justice system in compliance with international human rights standards
  • Build the capacity of duty bearers and law enforcement officials on HR principles and standards 


Key Result Area 2: Enhanced Compliance in the National Legislative, Policy and Institutional Frameworks

Under the overall objective of advancing human rights promotion and sustainable development goals through policies and legislations, ICHR will:

  • Support efforts aiming at ending the internal Palestinian political divide
  • Advise and provide legal analysis to law makers to ensure that all laws meet the requirements for safeguarding human rights
  • Ensure national plans and public budgets are consistent with SDGS
  • Produce annuals reports and investigations shedding light on the structural imbalances that give rise to human rights abuses in Palestine
  • Enhance efforts to utilize the accession of the state of Palestine to the United Nations International Treaty bodies


Key Result Area 3: Promote and Disseminate the Culture of Human Rights

Under the overall objective of enhancing the culture of human rights through awareness raising initiatives of identified right holders, ICHR will ensure:

  • Targeted groups of citizens are aware of their fundamental rights and know how to claim and defend them
  • Students are aware of human rights and teacher’s education institutions are empowered to carry out human rights training
  • Media representatives, unionists and preachers promote human rights


Key Result Area 4: Maintain the Regional and International Cooperation

Under the overall objective of engaging with international human rights institutions to implement the strategic plan, ICHR will:

  • Participate in international treaty bodies and engage with UN agencies
  • Enhance international response against the HR violations of the occupation
  • Actively engage with regional and international networks of NHRIs and act as a think tank providing capacity development of fellow NHRIs


Key Result Area 5: Strengthen ICHR’s Organizational Development and Institutional Sustainability

Under the overall objective of boosting its internal capacity in areas of governance, cross cutting and support functions, the management information systems (MIS) and communication strategy, ICHR will ensure:

  • Key aspects of governance in ICHR are aligned with international standards and adopts measure of predictability and accountability
  • Internal support functions enable ICHR to achieve its goals effectively
  • Technology environment and MIS serve its work requirements
  • The communication strategy provides instructions of how to raise awareness of ICHR’s role as a NHRI and ombudsman office in Palestine