Statements and Positions
Press statement regarding the events in Jenin last night




The Independent Commission for Human Rights is following up on the arrest of three youths (Muhammad Zakaria Al-Saadi, 16 years old, Aws Al-Shalabi and Yazan Al-Saadi), before releasing them later, at 10:30 pm last night. A police force arrested them after chasing a white Polo vehicle near Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin, before assaulting and beating them with batons after rounding and removing them from their vehicle. As a reaction, dozens of armed men from Jenin refugee camp opened fire heavily at the Muqataa government buildings in Jenin, exchanged fire with the security services and threw explosive devices, which lasted for several hours.


While ICHR condemns assaulting citizens after arresting and controlling them, and the failure to observe proper arrest procedures, it also denounces the state of lawlessness, as resembled in shooting at the Muqataa government buildings, which put citizens’ lives at risk and caused damage to public and private properties.


The breaches of some security officers have been repeated, especially during the arrest process, which requires a comprehensive reconsideration and establishing serious accountability measures against violators.


Accordingly, ICHR calls on the Ministry of Interior and the police to conduct a comprehensive review of the procedures in place for arrest and detention, in order to ensure the integrity of procedures and observance of the rights, dignity and good treatment of citizens, and to enforce order and rule of law.



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