Our Mission
Monitoring of Human Rights Situation


ICHR monitors the human rights situation in Palestine, documents human rights violations against Palestinian citizens; analyses their patterns, and monitors interventions of duty bearers to stop these violations according to the law. furthermore, ICHR issues monthly and periodic reports documenting human rights violations to highlight the situation of human rights and focus on specific legal and HR issues. ICHR mainly issues the following reports and studies:

1. The annual periodic report on the status of human rights, which monitors and analyses the reality of the human rights situation in the State of Palestine for one year. The annual report is handed to the President of the State of Palestine, the Council of Ministers, and the Legislative Council; and is launched at a public conference. The annual report provides a full complete picture of the progress or deterioration of human rights at the level of legislation, policies, and HR violations committed by the duty-bearers, intending to strengthen the principle of accountability, raise the awareness of decision-makers on the human rights situation, and highlighting human rights issues to the media and civil society institutions.

2. Special reports, shed light on emerging issues and matters affecting human rights and freedoms, at the political, civil, economic, and/or social levels. These reports present, study and analyze the tackled issue to come up with conclusions and provide recommendations for appropriate solutions.

3. Legal reports, examine and analyze laws, and draft laws on the basis of the international conventions on human rights and the Palestinian Basic Law, to come up with conclusions and concrete recommendations for decision-makers.

4. Fact-finding reports investigate serious human rights violations (such as a death in custody, allegations of torture, excessive use of force by security agencies…etc.). ICHR publishes its findings and submits specific recommendations to official duty bearers and follows up on those recommendations. 

4. Special reports on the Israeli human rights violations and their impact on the ability of the Palestinian Authority to fulfill its human rights obligations.

6. The periodic analytical report of the public budget, analyzes the annual public budget from a human rights perspective, and studies the distribution of the financial centers of the budget on the basis of the principles of justice, poverty reduction, and the link between development and human rights.